Weight loss

Why are women obsessed by weight loss?

Women’s obsession with weight loss has quadrupled over the years with the media constantly advocating that skinny is beautiful. There has been radical change in the definition of beauty due to societal pressures often confusing health with skinny. Be at school, college or any work place, most of the lunch hour conversations revolve around calorie-intake, gym sessions or weight loss.  The question is why are women so obsessed with weight loss?  Appearance plays a vital role while dealing with such an obsession. ‘First impressions are lasting impressions’.

This is what has been drilled in our minds since birth. People generally tend to judge you based on your appearance before getting acquainted with you. Negative image is something that is dreaded by most of the women. The general tendency of women is that they feel their weight determines how people perceive them.  Success is equated with weight too. Women feel the thinner they are the successful they’ll tend to be in their respective fields.

The sudden advent of different form of exercises, pills, wonder diets and other stuff claiming to aid weight loss and achieve desired results in a twinkling has garnered much publicity and given an unprecedented momentum to the weight loss obsession among women. To achieve the desired results women end up starving themselves or spending unaccountable time in the gym. The fascination with small numbers or achieving the perfect body measurements is always hovering in their minds. Drawing comparisons with other skinny women is also another reason why women fall prey to the weight loss mania.

The weight loss success stories of models or heroines make headlines these days.  Women worship their favourite stars and want to look like them too. A few extra kilograms make them go into frenzy. Obsession with weight loss makes women self critical and the weight of other women too are always under their scrutiny.  Not only are they judgemental about their own weight but also about others weight. The fear of ‘fat’ arms and ‘thunder’ thighs always creates a fear of putting on kilos and in turn fuels this obsession.

The mindset of few men also needs to be blamed for such an obsession. The weightless yet proportioned body of a model/heroine is idolized not only by women but also men. Women always want their man to be allured by their charm. Negative body image and insecurity is something that no woman can deal with.  Women are taught that fat women find it difficult to find the right life partners. With such daunting opinions, women are increasingly getting obsessed with weight and body measurements.

The fixation to fit into dresses that are a size smaller or fitting into shorts with perfectly toned thighs is rampant all over the world. A little bulge or little fat is considered as ominous. What most of the women fail to understand is that skinny is not synonymous to being healthy or fit? Fitness is all about achieving a weight that is proportional to the height and maintaining a good BMI (Body Mass Index).

Sport Practice

Why you should keep fit by practicing sport?

To remain active at all stages of life is of utmost importance to remain fit and most importantly healthy. Exercising in any form is always beneficial to the body and the mind.  With the current fad of pumping weights and jogging on a tread-mill at the neighbourhood gym, the age old method of staying fit by playing outdoor sports has taken a back seat. One of the cons of working out in a gym or exercising at home is that the body and mind misses out on the fresh air and the natural environment.

Whether you want to compete at the world level or just participate in a local competition, sports offer a way to remain fit and health in a pleasurable way. Hence, competing is not at all necessary. Activities like soccer, tennis, golf or even a lesson in kick-boxing can be undertaken.

Apart from burning a lot of calories from the body, sports activities provide a great workout for the body. It also aids in building self-confidence in the case of a team competition. Playing any kind of a sport engages the mind and the body along with energizing and de-stressing you. It also helps in improving breathing while working the muscles in the body. It helps to build endurance, stamina and strength.  It helps in bone-strengthening and reduces the risk of injury. An efficient heart and lung function as well as improved motor skills and cognitive function are an added advantage of playing any sport. Playing a sport also helps in slowing the aging process and improves coordination, balance and flexibility.

Also one of the reasons sport can be an effective way for staying fit is that there is no room for distraction like in a gym or when exercising alone. Playing tennis or soccer, for example, will not leave any room for unwanted distractions. Losing weight will not be the sole motivation for playing tennis. There will be a lot many points that will need our attention and hence, keep away the unwanted distractions. To list a few, we will be concerned with the points earned or the positioning of the players in the opposite teams and marking and dodging the opposing players will become the prime focus.  The drive to win a particular game or to defeat an opponent rather than concentrating on weight loss alone will keep us motivated throughout.

It plays a major role in developing and sharpening traits like competition, strategy, focus and helps polish the winning streak. On a bigger note, it helps develop team building as well as leadership skills which eventually aid our professional and work life. A sense of discipline is also developed.

Sports for older adults that augment strength, balance as well as flexibility are imperative for healthy aging and to prevent diseases and illnesses.  Sports aid in keeping the mind healthy and strong. It helps in fighting against depression and anxiety. It also plays a therapeutic role in addressing a number of psychological disorders.

Thus, sports not only aid in keeping our bodies fit and healthy but also are minds and psychological well being.

Coloured contacts

Changing your look with colored contacts

Coloured contacts are a great way to enhance your looks.  Surgery cannot change the colour of your eye, but coloured contact lenses can do the needful.  You no longer have to live with boring black or brown eyes. With the myriad of colours that are available in such lenses, you can change the colour of your eyes to add to your glamour.  Colours like turquoise, amethyst, sapphire, pacific blue, sea green, misty grey, violet, hazel, honey, etc are some of the many colours preferred by women these days.

Coloured contact lenses are of three types of tints:-

  1.  A Visibility Tint – This tint is usually light green or blue. It is added to a lens to just for better vision. It doesn’t affect the eye colour since it is very light in colour.
  2. An Enhancement Tint – This tint is solid but semitransparent and is a little darker than the visibility tint. This tint enhances your eye colour. These lenses are best suited for light coloured eyes and add a little intensity to the existing eye colour.
  3. Colour Tint – This tint changes the eye colour completely. It is deep and opaque.

If dramatic, bold and loud defines you, then an eye colour that is noticed immediately is meant for you. Thus warm toned contacts lens such as light brown is suitable if your natural eye colour, skin and hair have cool blue-red undertones.

If you are dark skinned, bright coloured lenses are your best bet.

While wearing eye make-up, a contact lens colour that differentiates itself from eye shadow and mascara colours looks the best.

Contact lenses in violet, blue and green look the best if your natural eye colour is brown.

If you don’t want to add much drama to your look, yet stand out choose grey or green contact lenses if your natural eye colour is blue.

If your natural eye colour, skin and hair are warm undertones, warm colour contact lenses like hazel will enhance your looks.

Plain coloured lenses like red, aqua-cat and Violet UV add that much need oomph when paired with any garment. These are the most versatile contact lenses. These lenses play a crucial role in people’s lives since they can attract a lot of people.

Today, most of the celebs go with coloured lenses in order to look attractive. Now, normal people have started wearing contact lenses too because it gives them sense of confidence. Recent studies have revealed that lenses boost ego and confidence among girls. Many women wear coloured contact lenses in order to look sexy. Their attire and lifestyle matter a lot and they look more trendy and amazing. In some countries, it is a tradition to wear contact lenses for girls to go to parties and clubs. In one club, it is a rule to wear red contact lenses in order to maintain the aura and the atmosphere.

If you are looking for something amazing and want to look attractive, then you must go with coloured contact lenses.

Art Nail Olympics

Nail Art trend sweeping the Olympic games!

The creative activity which draws various designs and images on the nails is known as Nail art. This is done mainly on the fingernails and the toe nails of girl(s) and women. This art expresses the different bright colors and abstract designs of their choices.

People are now using this fashion activity in which the main product is the acrylic nails which are readymade designs and can be worn on the nails.  These acrylic nails are of many different types and shapes. They carry in sizes according to the size of the original nail. They differ in weights also.

The artificial nails are the extensions of the natural nails. Basically, there are two types of nail tips or forms.

  1. The tips of the artificial nails are made of very lightweight plastics which are glued on the end of the natural nails and the acrylic is applied all over the nail. The artificial nail does not seem to be an external body it looks very natural and real.
  2. When artificial nails are fitted on the natural nails, then the acrylic is removed and a new form is exposed to the shine.

The acrylic is mainly the mixture of a liquid and a powder which begins to get harden after 10-15 minutes after applying. These substances can be easily removed with a nail polish remover and does not have any side effects on the quality of the nails.

And now this nail art is being used by many people among the world in the name of fashion. This has become a common trend; people use different types of design to express their feelings. The little piece of art also has many things to say about ones personality.

People prefer to use in almost every occasion and now in Olympics too. Most of the women who are participating in the Olympics wear this nail paint resembling their names, partners and the flags of their respective countries. It has become a way in which people have started to convey some message to others. For example, during the wedding of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, singer Katy Perry had worn nail paints with the images of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and his wife Kate.

The nail art is rapidly developing in the Olympics, which make the contestants indulge into various images. The nail art is developing in such a way that professional courses have been organized to develop this art.  One can get a nail art done by the nearest beauty parlor. The rates vary according to the design and the creativity of the work of the art. Not only designs but even a small message can be worked out over the nails, like a tattoo does. And the best part is that one can always erase the pervious design and make out a new one. The removing procedure of nail art is quite simple and easy and less time consuming unlike the tattoos. They can be done with ease.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks and health risks

The basic thing which any energy drink does to a human is that it increases the senses of one’s mind. Vitalizing the body is secondary. It increases the alertness of mind. This is because of the amount of caffeine content in it. A normal 250 ml can of energy drink contains around 32 mg of caffeine in it. The products using the caffeine in large amounts are not allowed in certain countries like in India.  For example in case of REDBULL the amount of caffeine used in the cans which are sold in India are lower than that of which are sold in other countries.

High amount of caffeine is not at all good for health. These energy drinks sometimes also use a bit of alcoholic substances which increases the hazardous effect. The amount of caffeine used in a 250 ml energy drink is a little bit higher than that of a cup of coffee. When one consumes an energy drink his/her mind stays alert and has more response ability towards the external factors. The internal factors such as sleep, sense of touch and causes the neurons to slow down.

Energy drinks where first developed by the Japanese. They made it for their truck drivers. Who used it has a help to stay awake at work. The caffeine contains a chemical called adenosine which plays the most vital role in numbing your neurons. The effect of caffeine is powerful and stays for a long time. It may last for even 24 hours depending upon the amount of caffeine used in it. But when the effect of this ecstasy goes off then one feels very low and tired. Resulting and leading one to go for another can of drink.  It becomes an addiction soon.  A bad one.

Keeping in mind all the above negativity of the content involved in the product. The companies which produce these energy drinks try to reduce the effect of caffeine by adding high amount of carbohydrate in them. A normal energy drink can of 250 ml contains 45 kcal energy, carbohydrate 11g, calcium 400 mg and vitamins 2pg.

The caffeine is not recommended for children strictly and also for pregnant women. An energy drinks also contain added flavors which enhance the taste of one’s choice.

High amount of caffeine gets the body addicted towards it. And each time the body wants more and more of it from the past. This leads into several stomach diseases. The stomach is not able to function normally dude to the effect of caffeine in the body. The drug makes the body its home where it stays and keeps on building its territory.  It also results in high amount of heart rate and blood pressure.  In short caffeine is a virus for the body.  Even though the human body has the capacity of consuming one can of energy drink in one day.

So to end up one can say that it vitalizes you at a higher cost of what you pay for the can.

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